AKA Corleone

AKA Corleone is Pedro Campiche (b. 1985), a visual artist with Portuguese and Swiss ancestry who started his career as a graffiti writer in the underworld of his native Lisbon.

Compulsive designer and obsessed since young with graphic and visual things, he studied art and graduated in Design and Visual Communication in 2007. After working as a graphic designer in studios for some years, he became disillusioned with this area, having decided to work as a freelance illustrator in addition to the development of his artistic activity.

In the field of visual arts, he is now known for his skill with the use of colors, typography, characters and purified forms that he combines skillfully in order to produce appealing compositions imbued with originality and a comprehensive humor. He has presented his work in individual and group exhibitions since 2010.

“For me, wine represents conviviality, friends, romance, holidays, dinners…all those things that were never so important as now. I hope I can bring back a bit of those feelings back to the Portuguese hearts with my with my illustration.”


Paulo Albuquerque aka Cesáh (Rio de Janeiro, 1988) is painter and illustrator graduated at Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.

His work is a mixture of atmospheres and characters that functions as a tale of stories. Often these stories contain much information and details, absorbed by the common chaos present in the cities.

Nevertheless he always tries to replicate nature as a symbol of purity and salvation. Normally his artworks contain a concept, usually reporting for some kind of introspection or analysis of the human’s attitudes and their social habits.

“In this illustration I tried to represent what it feels like to travel and get to know Portugal. I chose some characteristic elements that together could somehow transmit movement and the good energy that Portugal has.

At this stage that we are experiencing, I think it is very important to maintain positive thinking and energy to overcome difficulties. I am very happy to be able to contribute.”


Contra‘s (1984) work is rooted in different areas, from graffiti to abstract art.

In a mostly analog process, these areas culminate in a visual miscellany that reflects his experiences, thoughts and ideas. On the basis of his work is a constant search for new approaches that are reflected in the development and evolution of his compositions.

He is an integral member and co-founder of “Colectivo Rua”.

“After the invitation to illustrate a sock, I decided immediately that I wanted to work with a design using lines, making a composition where my abstract world of urban art would mix with the theme of footwear.

The result is a composition with strong colours made to use in our daily life since a good shoe wear leads us to good places.”

Diogo Matos

Diogo Matos was born in 8th of January 1996 and is a multidisciplinary designer based in Porto, Portugal. Currently working as a freelancer and as Graphic Designer at Casa da Música, he has finished the BA in Graphic Design at ESAD Matosinhos—Portugal.

His work focuses on Editorial Design, Poster Design, Photography & Illustration, Diogo also likes playing Pong-Ping , Footgolf, driving his Tunning Car, tasting Molecular Cuisine , spending money on Funny Socks, Books & Rubber Ducks.

For this project I decided to represent some of the animals that are present in the cattle class to interact in a healthy way with each other, being that they support each other mutually, always presenting a relaxed posture.

Margarida Fleming

Margarida Fleming is a self-taught artist, she is guided through the varied languages, through the constant experimentation of new techniques.

The human geography of Margarida Fleming is round in the mystery, In the map of the emotions that represent quick traces and hyper-realistic eyes.

Unravel the humanity that conceals the traits, because defines everything we distort in our image, our life, our soul. The strokes that build up their deeply expressionistic faces are dense. They manage to avoid gendered, artistic and beauty preconceptions.

“My “destiny” was the music sector, “destiny” is fado, and fado is undoubtly Portugal. A “stray fado” or a “ running fado”, a song that will circulate.”


Catarina Glam (b. 1985) is a Portuguese visual artist, whose main focus is the development of sculptures and public installations. Graduated in Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, she has been dedicated to urban art and character design from an early stage. After an initial journey through the universes of graffiti and papercraft, she found in mural painting and wood sculpture the possibility of increasing the scale of her creations so that they could exist on the street.

The aesthetics of her pieces is a reflection of her interest in both geometry and carpentry, having found in geometric solids the starting point to materialize her characters. As the search for techniques and solutions is a constant of her work, the recycling of materials often assumes an important role in the making of the artworks. Believing that each piece has its own message, the artist’s current purpose is to spread her paintings and sculptures through various national and international cities and contexts.

“It is increasingly essential to take care of ourselves. My illustration is a tribute to all healing resources and health professionals, whose commitment is essential to the well-being of all, especially in the current era that we live.”

Lara Luís

Lara Luís is a full-time overthinker and visual artist in the spare time.

She is part of the group of young artists who have taken the world of illustration by storm as we know it today in Portugal. She seeks inspiration in her daily life and the characters are a reflection of her multiple personalities.

Since 2010 she has participated in several collective and solo exhibitions in Portugal and abroad and her popularity has brought her partnerships with several renowned brands.

Currently living in Lisbon but the accent does not let her lie that her origins are from the north of Portugal.

“Being my work based on my own day to day life, when facing the challenge to draw something about the textile sector I started looking around I have noticed that…I was surrounded by innumerous forms and fabrics.

I am proud to say that I own various home and clothing products made in Portugal, and therefore it is a pleasure to help this sector with my illustrations.”


Mário Fonseca – Oker – is an artist from Porto whose work is reflected in different areas: graffiti, street art, illustration, graphic design and photography.

Versatility defines his works and projects, showing different aesthetic approaches to his pieces.

He mixes organic lines and animated characters, combining abstract shapes and textures that give a clean look to his compositions.


“As soon as I received the challenge to develop a pattern on the theme “Cheese”, the typical Portuguese expression “smells like cheese!” came to my mind!

Hence, I seek to create a rat peeking through a hole delighted with the aroma of the cheeses around it, along with an eager hand ready for snacking.

As a big fan of cheese, I hope I can help promote the best products that all those cheese shops do across the country!”


Pitanga (Joana Rodrigues,1980). A Portuguese artist, guided by my senses and inspired by a restless exploration to find alternative ways of expressing my feelings, through shape and colour.

Her artwork is made out of a bright, colourful, and a happy imaginary world. It is made very intuitively and it is the way she found of vibrating in the present moment. It is an invitation to reflect, to integrate with the painting and to perceive unity. Her intent is to build up a personal and unique relationship between ourselves, with love.

“Where hugs are invited today, with my illustration I wanted to bring the magic of a feline hug that involves not only this sock but our hearts so that everyone feels embraced and warm.”

Teresa Murta

Teresa Murta – artistic name of Teresa Costa Gomes – was born in Lisbon, in 1993.

She studied at the School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha (ESAD.cr) between 2011 and 2014, where she completed her degree in Plastic Arts.

He exhibits regularly in Portugal and abroad. Currently lives and works in Lisbon.

“The challenge when representing the Arts sector is even bigger you belong to it.

I decided to look at the sock as I look at a canvas, and I used the same processes that I use in my personal work (with exception for technique). I used some symbols of the painting imaginary, like the egg – tempera – a painting technique used mainly in the 14th and 15th centuries. This egg, in turn, also represents an essential good – food.

The artists in Portugal already faced long battles, it is a pleasure to represent this sector that needs so much support, always, but especially now.”

The Caver

Born in Lisbon (1983), THECAVER is mainly a street artist who is also bringing his work into galleries.


His background is the traditional graffiti, which he has been doing constantly on the streets since 1998, but nowadays we can see his evoluted and refined work on big murals in many cities.


His work is characterized by the use of simple but very strong shapes, combined with a harmonious composition of colors and most of the times with an enigmatic content.

“In my tribute, I represent public security in a respectful way.

Sometimes undervalued, this class is one of the most important for maintaining a society, especially at times like this.”


Gonçalo Fialho aka Uivo (94’Mafra, Portugal) is a designer living in Ílhavo and currently working at 23 Milhas (since 2017).

Co-founder of Agil (since 2019), a co-operative workspace/print house and association based in Ílhavo.

Founder and Art director of Implosão (2013-2017), a research platform about illustration.

“For the distribution sector I tried to explain the movement of things.

Things are things because they do not walk, they do not explain themselves. To walk things do not jump or do not fly by themselves, they need the legs and arms of others. There are things that alone would be scattered, lost, and would not find us.

Distribution helps us make this connection between us and the things we need in our lives.”

Vasco Costa

Vasco Costa is a Lisbon-based multidisciplinary artist, working on illustration and contemporary muralism since 2010.
His style is composed by simple and naif aesthetics with strong outlines and powerful colours. He earned a degree in Graphic Design in 2007 in Lisbon, and a Master Degree in Design and Communication Strategies in 2009 in Barcelona.
His inspirations come from the traditional Portuguese culture and Portuguese artists, such as Almada Negreiros and Tomás Leal da Câmara, and from the simplicity and colours of ancient Asian culture.

“The objective and motivation behind this project was to bring a little of the spirit of the season to those who need it most, through a fun composition of typical Christmas elements. In this way, we can help these people to feel more at home and face this season with more joy.


João Vento or just Vento is a Portuguese-Brazilian visual artist who started his path as a designer and illustrator where he was born and raised, Lisbon.

Inborn designer and having grown up with an enormous attachment and passion to drawing, he studied visual arts for most of his life and considers himself a primarily self-taught artist. After studying and working in the area of Video Games, Visual Effects and Video Production… currently he focuses on expressing his “vision” through art.

His style today revolves in combining philosophical elements and symbols to create highly appealing images to the most aesthetic and profound look of our soul. Being a first-rate generalist, Vento has been expanding his “area of action” by getting involved in projects such as: Illustrated Books; Covers illustration; Podcasts; Artistic direction; between others …


Tiago Esteves and Tiago Rodrigues are two childhood friends.

They met at the age of 3, today they are already in their 30s, but the friendship and willingness to do things together remained overtime. With a background in management and economics, they spent the first 10 years of their careers in consulting. In between they created some companies and personal businesses.

During the quarantine of the corona virus, they decided to contribute and developed an idea: to produce a product (socks) using 100% national resources and that would help to support some of the sectors most affected by the upcoming economic crisis.

From there, they began to mobilize resources, in a process of co-creation with artists and highly collaborative with all partners, and the idea started taking the shape we now see.

Hope you all enjoy this first collection and huge thanks to all that believed in our idea!

“The pattern we designed aims, on the one hand, to honor all Portuguese people through the faces of some of the best of all times in their area, and on the other hand, to inspire us to one day be as good or better than them.

Because we believe that the best of Portugal is born from entrepreneurship.”